Mandatory school holiday list released; Max 76 holidays allowed


Holiday list applicable to all schools located within Nagpur district. DOWNLOAD OFFICIAL SCHEDULE. LINK GIVEN BELOW.

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INDIA: Nagpur district education office has released the mandatory school holiday list for the calendar year 2021. This is applicable to all schools (CBSE, state, ICSE etc) which are located within Nagpur district. The list is mandatory and schools do not have the choice to alter the schedule without prior written permission from the local education officer.

Education officials have listed public/national holidays, local holidays, Diwali and summer vacations.

It is important to note that the education department has capped the maximum holidays at 76 days (including all vacations). No compensatory holidays have been marked for those days which fall on Sunday.

School principals have the authority to announce a discretionary holiday for their school, but it is mandatory to inform the education department about it.

No school in Nagpur shall start classes before June 26, something which many CBSE schools do, else they will be liable for action by the department. Unlike rest of Maharashtra, the existing state rule allows Vidarbha’s academic schedule to start late due to the summer heat.

Download official Holiday list here.

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