DPS Kamptee Road conducts workshop on road safety


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INDIA: The senior students of Delhi Public School Kamptee Road, Nagpur were privy to an enlightening workshop on 18th February, 2021 which dealt with the various aspects of road safety as part of Road Safety Month observed from January to February.

The resource person was Ashalata Khapare, Police Inspector, In-charge Sakkardara Traffic Zone who was welcomed by the Principal Mrs. Ritu Sharma.

Ms Khapare spoke about the importance of maintaining road safety. She highlighted the grim fact that India is one of the leading nations in fatalities and casualties caused by road accidents. She also informed the students about their duty to help accident victims, to get proper licenses, to not jump signals and to wear helmets at all times. She stressed on the importance of education regarding basic traffic and road rules and spoke about avoiding drunken driving. She observed that it was a common sight to see the youth in cities and towns brazenly flouting rules. Commenting on the recent accident in Madhya
Pradesh, she said that over speeding, over loading and riding triple on two wheelers accounted for most accidents in India. She urged the students to practise defensive driving and be prepared to counter the follies of others.

Ms Khapare also spoke of the phenomenon of road rage and linked it to the growing incidence of stress in our society. She opined that riding or driving called for one to be in a calm state of mind. Driving while disturbed could have a detrimental effect on the
safety of others. The talk was followed by an interactive session where students cleared their doubts
regarding road safety.


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