Students exchange international views on fake news, reliable information and data protection


VARNA, MUNICH, COBURG, TRIER – Students from Germany and Bulgaria recently came together on a digital platform to exchange views on the topic of Covid and Fake News. Organized by Path2Integity (P2I), a Horizon 2020 project, the meeting’s purpose was to educate new generations to recognize the integrity and nature of processes underscoring scientific research.

In P2I workshops, students are asked to compare their perspective with the perspective of others, to engage in dialogue and to find common paths for the future. Most importantly, students gain insight into the ethical and research demands of science. Depending on the action, participants explore issues like data protection, reliable information, research processes and research ethics.

Role Play

Role Play

The digital learning platform to support this was created in 2020 ( It allows participants to deepen their scientific competence via an international exchange, strengthen tolerance of ambiguity and practice a change of perspective. The platform is unique in that it relies on digital role-playing and digital storytelling to convey key concepts.

“Many thought it would not be possible to implement role-playing and storytelling in the digital space!” said Prof. Dr. Julia Prieß-Buchheit, P2I Coordinator. The success of this workshop and others are proving the opposite which creates a powerful option for online learning.

Even if it is something different than exchanging ideas in person on site, this platform has given many participants a glimpse into global connections, knowledge production and responsible action. This would never have been possible without the P2I platform. The participants are certain that these digital tools will also be used after Covid to strengthen scientific competence.

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